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On 10 Nov 98, OFC began using a minor spam-dodging technique. In the visual address and the mailto on the link, the @ symbol has been replaced with (at). If you email someone, remember to change that back! :)

Omnifox Columbus
Email: Omnifox(at)yahoo.com Web: http://www.omnifox.f2s.com/
ICQ: 113205955 Misc: Fox-Kangaroo / Marcon-Furry events organizer

Ostrich Fairlawn
Email: ostrich(at)raex.com Web: http://www.furnation.com/ostrich
ICQ: Misc: Fursuiter

Pakrat Pandora
Email: pakrat(at)bright.net Web: http://www.bright.net/~pakrat
ICQ: 81438046 Misc: Your basic brown male rat. 8;o)=

Pelzig Columbus
Email: pelzig19(at)idt.net or Pelzig(at)aol.com Web: http://members.aol.com/pelzig/homepage/
ICQ: 21419909 Misc: Artist, editor

Rasby Columbus
Email: Rasby(at)insight.rr.com Web:
ICQ: 109175953 Misc: A gentle male red fox

Rodger Toledo
Email: rodgerfox(AT)buckeye-express.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: Want to know anything else, ask.

Rowen Columbus
Email: ErinKinser(at)aol.com Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Scythergirl123 Parma
Email: Scythergirl(at)aol.com Web: http://hometown.aol.com/scythergirl123/
ICQ: Misc:

Seeker Athens
Email: trcar(at)frognet.net Web: http://www.frognet.net/~trcar/dawn/
ICQ: Misc:

!-- Senajit -->
Senajit *
Email: senajit(AT)coax.net Web:
ICQ: 12776007 Misc:

Siege Aurora, IN
Email: zcollins(at)seidata.com Web: http://www.seidata.com/~zcollins/
ICQ: Ask For It. Misc: Writer preparing for a biweekly serial

Sinwolf Lexington, KY
Email: sinwolf69(at)yahoo.com Web: http://www.geocities.com/sinwolf69/
ICQ: 50131576 Misc:

Skip Ruddertail Kenyon College
Email: SkipRudder(at)iname.com Web: http://www.furnation.com/skip_ruddertail, http://www2.kenyon.edu/people/smithr/
ICQ: Misc:

Spin_the_bear Lakewood, OH
Email: spin_the_bear(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: American black bear/ursine hybrid

Stargazer Dublin
Email: stargazer(at)columbus.rr.com Web: http://home.columbus.rr.com/bluebear
ICQ: Misc: Fursuiter and toon enthusiast

Stripe Columbus, OH
Email: green-robert(at)sbcglobal.net Web: http://anthropomorphia.sytes.net/corallagoon/index.htm
ICQ: 151817040 Misc:

Taka Columbus
Email: taka(at)aerie.to Web: http://www.furnation.com/taka, http://aerie.to/taka
ICQ: 96704264 Misc: Artist, writer, really really evil punster

Teko Cincinnati
Email: jdn(at)one.net Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Thalyn Chatnoir Zainesville
Email: revspook(at)aol.com Web: http://www.giant.net/~revspook
ICQ: 1202798 Misc: Furry Artist and Writer

Thanos Dayton
Email: Thanos(at)wolfhowl.org Web:
ICQ: Misc: Timber Wolf

Trickster Columbus
Email: trickster(at)anthrodiversity.org Web: http://trickster.wereanimal.net/
ICQ: Misc: http://www.morphicon.org/

TwiztdWolf Cincinnati
Email: twiztidwolf(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: Misc:

WalksAmongStars Columbus
Email: was(at)furnetwork.net Web: http://www.furnetwork.net/~walksamongstars/
ICQ: 28660765 Misc:

Wolfanimegamer Kettering, OH
Email: Gamer86(at)yahoo.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: Yahoo messenger: gamer86

Wolger Toledo
Email: wolftaur_99(at)yahoo.com Web:
ICQ: 72264503 Misc:

Zealous (B. Leonard) Painesville, OH
Email: zealous_wolf(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: 103961224 Misc:

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