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Ohio Fur Central!


This is the page for pictures from recent Ohio Furs get-togethers throughout the state (and surrounding areas too!). If you would like to have your pics put up on this server, send me email first (before sending the pics), telling me how about how many pictures you plan on sending, as well as the size of the zip file of all of them, Ill then arrange for you to send them to me (it may not be via email, it could be via ICQ or something.)

You must also send with the pics a list of each filename and a brief description of the picture. Otherwise, hows everyone else gonna know whos who? :)

Ostrich's BBC Campout Pictures

Treads Lightly's Marcon 36 Pictures

Dripdry's Midwest FurFest 2000 Report

Akeakami's Midwest FurFest 2000 Report

Bryan Walker's Anthrocon 2000 Pictures

CinFURnati Get Togethers

Frames! No Frames!

Crufty Furmeet, Akron and Canton Ohio
24 October 1998

Frames! No Frames!

Millennicon Minus 2, Cincinnati Ohio
19-24 March 1999

Frames! No Frames!

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