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Ohio Fur Central!

The Ohio Furry Mailing List

Joining the List

Sending Mail to the List

To send mail to the list, address it to

You must send mail from the address that you registered for the list with, otherwise it will bounce!

All mail from the list arrives with OHIOFUR: prepended to the subject.

Leaving the List

Rules for Posting

1. The OhioFur List is meant mainly for the facilitation of discussions and the building of community among furry folx in the Greater Ohio region. Anyone is welcome to join, though, whereever they may live, and just about any civil discussion of interest to the members is allowable.

2. The regulation of the list is more for conduct and tone than for content. Try to conduct yourself politely, and remember that minors are reading the list as well.

3. Do not post binaries to the list. Turn off your HTML and/or formatted text features, if your mailer allows you to do so. I recognize that some of the newer ones do not, but please avoid using anything but plain text if you have a choice.

4. Refrain from profanity, blasphemy, personal attacks and offensive behaviour in general. I take strong exception to people who cannot conduct themselves in a civil manner.

5. Try to avoid posting of forwarded content (surveys, petitions, E-Bay ads, etc). In general, it's best to send a pointer to where the content may be found.

6. Postings to the Ohio Fur Mailing List are copyright the OFML and the respective author of the post and are considered the same as private email sent to list members. The list only facilitates the distribution of information to individuals who may find it of interest by choosing to join. Therefore, emails sent through the OFML are for the use of OFML members only and are not to be distributed to any other mailing list, bulletin board, or other public display unless a statement specifically permitting that action is included in the email posting.

Subscribing to the Ohio Fur Mailing List constitutes acceptance of these rules and guidelines and that they will be adhered to by the subscriber. In any dispute, the ruling of the OFML List Administrator will be final.