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Crufty Fur Meet 2003
October 18-19

Contact: Ostrich

It's about time for the 2003 Crufty Furmeet, held in Ohio since 1997. This year's party will take place Saturday and Sunday, Oct 18-19, and involves a haunted house crawl Saturday in Columbus, OH; and a trip (fursuits welcome) to the Akron, OH zoo on Sunday. We're reversing the usual order of events this year and doing the zoo trip on Sunday instead of Saturday night, since so many people are working Saturday.

If you're planning on attending, please send me a reply offlist, so I can have some idea of how many to expect. If you'll be fursuiting, let me know that as well so I can plan properly, 'kay?

Saturday, Oct 18th: This year, we'll be touring some local haunted hice instead of doing fursuited minigolf. ArchTeryx is in charge of this. The hice open at 7:30, so unless Arch says otherwise, we'll begin to assemble at the New Atomic House of Cruft at 6pm. I'm told both places are nearby, although I've been to neither. I'm told that each costs $10 for admission. We'll tour at least two.

Sunday, Oct 19th: Boo at the Zoo. For those who're new, this is a trip as a group to the Akron Zoo. Fursuits are encouraged, although certainly not
mandatory. Ears and tails, and other bits of costumish stuff are also welcomed. I may or may not have some spare tails and stuff to loan or give away, depending on how motivated I feel between now and then. It costs $6 to tour the zoo if you want a treat bag, and $3 without. Personally, I consider the treat bags a good value - you generally get candy, a plastic dinosaur, and some sort of noise-making device. It's worth at least $3. The zoo is decorated in a Halloween theme with lights and actors, and is really something to see.

We'll begin to assemble here at the New Atomic House of Cruft at 2pm. I'll post detailed directions to the house a few days beforehand. There'll be some sort of entertainment (nothing fancy) until everyone is here, at which point we'll set off for the zoo. The Akron/Cleveland furs should plan on meeting us in the zoo parking lot at 5:30. Bob Repas will be in charge of that part of the gathering.

General Information: Someone remarked a week or so ago that they were unsure if newbies would be welcome. Newbies especially are welcome - this is one of the better events to meet people and make friends. Feel free to bring along friends. Minors should come with a parent or guardian. Parents and/or guardians will be provided with a comfortable place to sit, and not pressured to take part in the general foolishness.

There was discussion about beer. Don't bring beer. By the nature of the event, we're going to be driving here and there, and I don't wish to assume any liability as the host of the party.

As in prior years, don't include real weapons in your costume.

FRS radio channel is 13. Subchannel is zero. If you have an FRS, please bring it. They're useful while travelling.

We're going to do our best to be back to Columbus by 10pm. No guarantees on this.

If anyone's coming from a distance and needs sleepover space, speak up. A limited amount is available for Saturday and Sunday.

If you're planning on fursuiting, please come prepared to change publicly in the parking lot at the zoo. We've never had any privacy in the past, and I see no reason to believe that this year will be different. If you are Max Goof, please be prepared to be photographed while you change.

If anyone has questions, now is the time to ask 'em.