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On 10 Nov 98, I have begun implementing a minor spam-dodging technique. In the visual address and the mailto on the link, the (at) symbol has been replaced with (at). If you email someone, remember to change that back! :)

Heyblibber Columbus
Email: gfch_70(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Jacobus (Rat) Dayton
Email: rodent42(at)yahoo.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: AIM: Rodent42

Jamie Otterbein Kirtland
Email: jotter(at)apk.net Web: http://home.earthlink.net/~jamieotterbein
ICQ: 47905283 Misc: AIM: J Otterbein 81

Jebal/Logan Marietta
Email: jebal(at)fcmail.com Web: http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/angband/472/
ICQ: 3018746 Misc:

Jurann Foxtail Chicago, IL
Email: jurann(at)furcen.org Web: http://www.furnation.com/jurann
ICQ: 17700189 Web2: http://www.furcen.org

K'Tang Lexington, KY
Email: shadaza(at)mis.net Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Keeper of Dreams Warren
Email: MatrixNeo3(at)aol.com Web: http://www.furnation.com/KeeperOfDreams
ICQ: Misc: Lycanthrope and proud of it, practicing artist, MU*er, big fan of LARPs and would love to run a Furry-based LARP sometime. Those in the Warren area who are interested, feel free to drop an email my way!

Kesh South Point
Email: kesherz(at)usa.net Web:
ICQ: Misc: on FluffMuck/Furtoonia/Bungie.net

Kiyote Dayton
Email: kiyote(at)wolflink.net Web: http://www.wolflink.net/~kiyote
ICQ: Misc:

Lagopexus Wooster, OH
Email: lagopexus(AT)yahoo.com Web:
ICQ: 206343769
AIM: Xer0Fox
Misc: Arctic fox, loves chatting and meeting new furs!

Leo-9 Zanesville
Email: loliondo(at)usa.net Web:
ICQ: 7608463 Misc: Male

Lion-O Kettering
Email: pgunton(at)prodigy.net Web: http://www.tigerden.com/~lion-o
ICQ: 520925 Misc: AIM: pres gates; Yahoo! Messenger: sailor_lion

Mariner the Raccoon -
Email: brent(at)bowser.com Web: http://www.brent.bowser.com
ICQ: Misc: Carried by the Wind (my webcomic) http://carried.keenspace.com

Maus Gallipolis
Email: mouse_431(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: Misc:

MCFox Milford, OH
Email: 72MCFox(at)Fuse.net Web:
ICQ: Misc: Old Cars Rule

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