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Ohio Furry Directory

The Ohio Furry Directory has been split up by name. Hopefully this will make the index easier to use, because it's alphabetized, and you don't have to wait for one big file to load.

To have your info added to this list, email Akea with whatever info you want added (name, city, email, webpage, ICQ #, Misc info), and he'll add it as soon as he gets a chance.

Please keep in mind that I (Akea), reserve the right to edit or remove information from the directory at any time. Right now the only things I will not put in the directory are: Mating preferences or any kind of sexual information other than gender.

The addresses and ICQ contacts provided in this directory are for informational use ONLY! They are not to be gathered and used as a target for spam or harassment.

On 10 Nov 98, we began implementing a minor spam-dodging technique. In the visual address and the mailto on the link, the @ symbol has been replaced with (at). If you email someone, remember to change that back! :)

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