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Crufty Furmeet

October 24, 1998
Akron and Canton, Ohio
All pictures and captions by AngelBear

Ostrich's place and elsewhere

The living room/costume workshop of Ostrich and Foxcar.

Shopping for more sewing supplies at Wal-Mart.

George "Tarq" Helwig gets his raccoon mask painted on.

The crew gathers outside just before going to the mini golf course.

Miniature Golf
Protius and T.Wolf in the parking lot of the mini golf course.

Jeff the werewolf in that same parking lot.

Vicki Rabbit (r) and T.Wolf (l) greet the small fry at the mini golf course.

T.Wolf ponders a shot in front of the Lighthouse Hole.

Protius tees up in the distance here.

T.Wolf putts across a bridge. For a visual aid, Tarq's desert hat is placed as a flagstick.

The sun glared in this photo, but Photo Deluxe saved it. I like the way Vicki's hair hangs off the side of her head.

My attempt at artistic composition in photography. The colorful tree makes a great element, no?

Boo at the Zoo
The Panda, partially invisible in the darkness.

A little cat, waiting in line at Boo at the Zoo.

Easily the most popular, erm, people at Boo at the Zoo, Vicky and T.Wolf entertain kids. Kids hung all over the Panda, too.