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On 10 Nov 98, I have begun implementing a minor spam-dodging technique. In the visual address and the mailto on the link, the @ symbol has been replaced with (at). If you email someone, remember to change that back! :)

AeroFox Sidney, OH
Email: geary(at)bright.net Web: http://www.bright.net/~geary/aerofox
ICQ: Misc:

Akeakami Elyria, OH
Email: brepas(at)apk.net Web:
ICQ: Misc: OFC Webmaster, dolphin, Pawpets

Alex the Cat Columbus, OH
Email: krawlkat(at)yahoo.com Web: http://ffn.lonefox.org/~cat
ICQ: Misc: Breed: Russian Blue; AIM: KatSuitModel

Alpine Fox Columbus, OH
Email: alpine(at)bluemoon.hplx.net Web:  
AIM: alpinearcticfox
Misc:storm chasing, fursuiting, traveling, and general insanity

Alterskunk Columbus/OSU, OH
Email: alt-of(at)mephit.dyn.ml.org Web: http://www.furnation.com/Alterskunk
ICQ: Misc:

AngelBear Delaware, OH
Email: greddy(at)bright.net Web: http://www.bright.net/~greddy
ICQ: 10322859 Misc: cartoonist

Anima Dayton, OH
Email: Yaounde3(AT)hotmail.com Web: http://animakitty.furrynet.com
ICQ: 38865592
AIM: Animakitty

Asmo Lupine Dayton, OH
Email: scruffywolf(at)wolfhowl.org Web: http://asmodaeus.bravepages.com/main.htm
ICQ: 59803352 Misc: Artwork FTP site

Atara Kent, OH
Email: atara(at)raex.com Web: http://www.furnation.com/Atara
ICQ: Misc:

Ayrwolf Grove City, OH
Email: ayreon(at)earthlink.net Web:
ICQ: 113506238 Misc: Would-be artist, AIM: rockbox1590

Ayshetral Delaware, OH
Email: inverse(at)nerv-hq.zzn.com Web: 
ICQ: 16406980 Misc: College student, crazy person, artist and writer. AIM: eniyetic

Babs Bunny Columbus, OH
Email: babsbunny_TTA(at)hotmail.com Web: http://www.geocities.com/babsbunny_TTA
ICQ: 59469200 Misc: Fursuiter, furry artist, pawpeteer, active mucker, and resident 80's freak.

Bear Raymond, OH
Email: bear(at)urec.net Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Benji Waterville, OH
Email: baphometpriest(at)yahoo.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: AIM: Lobo Wolph

Blaze Fox Ironton, OH
Email: morrow(at)zoomnet.net Web:
ICQ: 38031026 Misc: Male wiccan fire vulpine

Bloodhound Columbus (CCAD), OH
Email: TigressMoonGraphics(at)hotmail.com Web: http://www.furnation.com/tigressmoon
ICQ: Misc: friendly puppy artist

Borni Bronuson Marion, OH
Email: behrhut(at)marion.net Web: http://www.furnation.com/borni
ICQ: Misc: furry/furotic artist/writer

Brown Leopard  
Email: brownlepo(at)neo.rr.com Web: http://www.brownleopard.furtopia.org
ICQ: Misc: Yahoo: simba88103; Leopard, fursuiter, web addict

Buster Bunny Columbus/Reynoldsburg, OH
Email: bstrbny(at)dsl.telocity.com Web:
ICQ: 446605 Misc: Fursuiter

Cashew Lou Columbus, OH
Email: cashew(at)aerie.to Web: http://www.wuffpaws.com/~cashew_lou/
ICQ: 10690202 Misc:Macrophile and all-around patron of the furry arts

Sarah Combs Kettering/Columbus, OH
Email: onnanotaku(at)hotmail.com Web: http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Sarah-Combs/ or http://shiondeleon.tripod.com
ICQ: 81533164 Misc:CCAD student cat-thing from Kettering.

Commander Kitsune Middleburg Hts, OH
Email: kitune(at)earthlink.net Web:
ICQ: 173510698 Misc:Computer geek, Navy Officer, videographer; AIM/YIM: CDRKitsune

Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus Columbus, OH
Email: feanyx(at)yahoo.com Web: http://www.kattywampus.furtopia.org
ICQ: 20193772 Misc: Female Wampus Cat, AIM: CuddlyBattleship

Cyberhorn the Dragon Strongsville, OH
Email: cyberhorn(at)earthlink.net Web: http://www.furnation.com/the_dragons_den/, http://www.planetfurry.com/~cyberhorn/
ICQ: Misc:Bipedal dragon, furry/anthro/scifi fantasy writer, student tri-c

David Ellis Strongsville, OH
Email: davidlellis(at)surfree.com Web: http://www.ctsc.org/asmi
ICQ: Misc:

DeathFox Campton, KY
Email: anthonyh(at)mrtc.com Web: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Capsule/1293/
ICQ: 27950474 Misc:

Dizzy the Yote and Co. Worthington, OH
Email: bubenikk(at)columbus.rr.com or
Web: http://dizzytheyote.tripod.com/
ICQ: 2609804 Misc: MPD/DID fur. See webpage for (slightly) more info. Please tell me where you got my ICQ number if you want to try and add me or msg me.

Email: ecco(AT)wale.de Web: http://www.tigress.com/ecco
ICQ: 116897609 Misc: Dolphin storys, multmedia and more

Ember Lutrafox Lake County, OH
Email: Tbsheppard(at)aol.com Web:
ICQ: Misc: Species: Fox-Otter. Feel free to IM me on AIM (Tbsheppard)

Exile Celina, OH
Email: exile17(at)hotmail.com Web:
ICQ: 141329756 Misc: Fursuiting huscoon (half-husky, half-raccoon)

FourEyes Louisville, KY
Email: foureyes(at)aye.net Web: http://catsden.net/~foureyes/
ICQ: Misc: Enjoys wilderness & wildlife activities

Foxcar North Canton, OH
Email: civvtec(at)sssnet.com Web:
ICQ: Misc:

Foxwolfie Galen Edinboro (Erie), PA
Email: galen(at)velocity.net Web: http://velocity.net/~galen/
ICQ: Misc: Photo

Galilee (Ben Ferguson) Columbus, OH
Email: galilee(at)tigress.com Web: http://ecclectik.tripod.com
ICQ: 3360659 Misc:

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