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Akea? He's just this 'phin, ya know?

I suppose a bio statement is in order, so you fellow furs know what you're getting. I've always been interested in the use of anthropomorphic animals in place of "real people." To me, walking, talking animals are just as "real" as some of the people I've met. It was in 1993 when I discovered I wasn't the only person with this outlook...and discovered the name of the addiction: FURRY.

My first foray into the furry realm was through Usenet...most notably the groups and later, where I became one of the first 6 Answermaniacs in that group...people who have shown a marked knowledge of the show and would be the official answerer to newbie-type questions. I was also one of the first to host an Animanithon -- 26 hours of Animaniacs consisting of the first 65 episodes. Whew!

Soon after I discovered FurryMUCK...and needed a character. Since dolphins have always held my interest, I decided to create a dolphin character on the muck named Akeakami, or Akea for short. Akea was tailored after a RL dolphin at the Kewalo Basin Research Center in Hawaii, Akeakamai, whose names means "Lover or Bringer of Wisdom." A few changes were made...the name was shortened to 8 characters to fit a computer login, and Akea became male, matching his player's gender. (Akeakamai is female :) To permit further interaction with the other FM players, Akea was made a product of genetic enhancement so he could spend long hours out of the water, and nanotech biotechnology to give him other the ability to "swim" through the air using force-field projectors. (I would like it noted Akea was using this long before the Max Steel cartoon made its debut! *grin*)

As for the player behind Akea, I work at a community college, in their advanced technology center where I get to play with many of the new goodies in technology for business and industry. Being mostly self-taught in personal computer technology (I built my first computer in 1976!), I am attempting to return to the classroom as a student to get a bachelors degree in computer science and engineering. But the lack of that degree hasn't stopped me from continuing to learn, and act as technical advisor to several commercial website ventures and local companies in addition to my position within the center. I teach various aspects of computer technology, including computer assembly and repair, computer operation, web page programming, CGI programming in perl, electronic instrumentation, automation systems, and a whole plethora of related subjects. And I bring this knowledge to the OFC site, eventually hoping to make OFC the benchmark by which other furry sites are rated.

I am a firm believer in the addage, "Design for content, not context." And I do not believe in bells & whistles for their sake alone. A web page must be functional above all else, and accessible to the widest number of browsers around. To this end, I'll not exceed the current HTML standard, nor intentionally favor one browser type over another. I welcome all suggestions and ideas, but reserve the right to incorporate only those I feel will provide the greatest good to the greatest number of users. I'll usually send a reply as to why a particular idea may not work in this setting, though, and not just ignore it.

And lastly, both Akea and I feel that a website should reflect those that use it the most...the furs in Ohio and surrounding areas. To twist a well-known saying,

"This site's for you!"