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Ohio Fur Central!

Hello! You’ve stumbled across the webpage of Ohio Fur Central, home of the Ohio Furry Mailing List, more casually referred to as the OFML. On this page you will find information for subscribing and unsubscribing from the list, notices about upcoming furry get-togethers within Ohio and the surrounding areas, as well as a list of Ohio-area furs.

Ohiofur Webring Temporarily Offline


Due to changes in the management of the Webring service, I have temporarily taken Ohiofur's Webring offline. Basicly, this new service will require all webring users to place links back to the webring site that will place tracking cookies on users web browsers. Webring will then sell this information to web advertisers that promote directed advertisements based upon your browsing history. Whenever you access a site with a Webring icon, you will be supplying Webring with information about your browsing habits, whether you actually click on the Webring link or not. I will not allow Ohiofur and our Ohiofur member's webpages to be used in this manner. I will be replacing the Webring sotware with an identical type of service that will be managed by us (me :-) here at Ohiofur, and not some company making money off of your browsing habits. Thank you!

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